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Dinnerware Care & Service

We handcraft our ceramic dinnerware in Sausalito using Edith Heath’s proprietary clay body that fires at a lower temperature for a longer stretch of time. That means that Heathware is very durable, but keep in mind that it’s intended for serving rather than cooking. These small considerations can make a big difference in extending the life of your Heath dishes, so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Care & Maintenance

Is Heath Ceramics dinnerware microwave and oven safe? 
Yes, our dinnerware is microwave safe, and oven safe up to 400°F, but with some stipulations. Always be careful to avoid temperature shocking ceramics from extreme hot to cold. A good rule of thumb is to heat things slowly, evenly, and carefully. 

We recommend caution with oven use. Place the ceramic piece in a cool oven and bring up to temperature with the oven, no higher than 400°F. Never place a ceramic directly into a hot, pre-heated oven to avoid risk of temperature shocking.

Can I use my Heathware on the stove? 
No. Heath dinnerware, including teapots, is not for stovetop use or use with an open flame.

Is Heath Ceramics dinnerware dishwasher safe? 
Yes. For dishwashing, we suggest avoiding more acidic and abrasive detergents, such as Cascade and Lemi Shine, which can cause unnecessary wear on some of our glazes. We recommend gentle, environmentally-friendly detergents like Planet Dishwashing Detergent and Seventh Generation to maximize extending the life of your dishes. 

When loading your dishwasher, always be sure to rinse first and make sure not to overload or allow plates to touch. You may also want to wash on a gentle or China cycle for a shorter wash time, less intense pressure, and lower heat. 

My silverware leaves marks on my plate. How do I clean it? 
To remove marks left by silverware, we recommend hand-washing periodically with Bar Keepers Friend, which is available in our showrooms, online, and in most major hardware stores. 

Please note that flatware marks actually sit on top of the glaze rather than cut into it. That’s right: the ceramics are actually stronger than the soft metal in the flatware, which causes forks and knives to occasionally leave a superficial residue — not the other way around.

Do Heath Ceramics dishes ever get stained?
Staining sometimes occurs if food, especially something acidic, is stored too long in Heath products. It’s best to remember that Heath pieces are for serving — not storage — but if you do find yourself in this situation, we recommend thoroughly hand-washing with Bar Keeper’s Friend. 

Some of our dinnerware boasts a gorgeous edge of exposed clay, which can show oil stains when you start using it for the first time. With normal, continued use, the patina should evolve evenly, and, as it deepens, the surface smooths out. Most important of all, please know that oil staining does not affect the functionality or safety of the products.

Quality & Safety

What’s your warranty on Heath Ceramics products? 
We warranty our ceramic products for up to one year from purchase for proven defects in manufacture. If you encounter issues with your Heathware, please email or call Customer Service with details and we will help resolve the issue.

Do your ceramics contain lead or any other harmful ingredients?  
We do not use lead as a glaze ingredient. Since every piece of dinnerware — from clay to kiln — is made in our factory right here in Sausalito, we know our materials and where they come from. 

We use rigorous third-party testing to ensure the safety of our ceramic products. In fact, we not only meet, but exceed both US and California safety standards for food use. 

To learn more about Product Safety for our ceramic products and view individual product certificates, you can read more here.

I noticed that no two of my Heath pieces look exactly alike. Is that normal? 
We proudly handcraft our ceramics in a way that’s uniquely Heath. Our materials and process result in natural variation from piece to piece, including irregularities in glaze color, texture, and finish — and that’s something we celebrate. 

We feel that these characteristics are in no way considered flaws and only add to the one-of-a-kind beauty of our products. Each piece is carefully inspected to ensure that it lives up to our high standards of quality as well as those our customers have come to expect from Heath Ceramics.






Product Safety



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