• Jamey and Constance Garza, in the Marfa, Texas landscape. Read our interview with them on our blog.

    Photo courtesy of Jeff Wilson.

  • How the Garzas dine

    How the Garzas dine

    Naturally, their Saddle Leather dining chairs sit at a dining table of their own design. The table is set with Constance’s runner, napkins, placemats, Heathware...and a little tequila.

    Photo courtesy Garza Marfa.

  • Record Room

    Record Room

    From Jamey: "Constance and I have our vinyl collection in our workshop / showroom so we’re always listening to music. Here are three songs (or albums) that have been on the turntable a lot lately:

    George Harrison "Wah Wah” from All Things Must Pass.
    Willie Nelson “Whiskey River” from Shotgun Willie.
    Tame Impala “Elephant” from Lonerism."

    Photo courtesy of Garza Marfa.

  • Chairs, Benches, Pillows (and pets)

    Chairs, Benches, Pillows (and pets)

    Available online and in our San Francisco and Los Angeles showrooms.