• Meet Val Kasvin

    Meet Val Kasvin

    Val, owner of Fabrika Sputnik, at his studio in Redwood City. He says, “Wood expands and contracts with the weather as if it’s still alive, even after a product is made.”

  • Laying out the Pattern

    Laying out the Pattern

    Val carefully pre-cuts the black walnut and plots the outline of our trays on each piece to ensure they will have the right grain, texture, and color.

  • Cutting out the Tray

    Cutting out the Tray

    One by one, the candle holder trays are made using his industrial CNC mill that cuts away at the wood, slowly and repetitively, for utmost precision.

  • Etching the Wood

    Etching the Wood

    3 different router bits are used to cut out the shape of the tray, finish the edges, and etch the Heath logo.

  • The Finishing Touch

    The Finishing Touch

    The time intensive milling process is done in equal parts by hand and by machine. Val finishes each tray by hand, smoothing edges and oiling the wood after being cut.