• Studio as Creative Playground

    Studio as Creative Playground

    The artist, who’s been making jewelry since 1995, works out of her studio located in the Heath San Francisco creative campus.

    Photo courtesy of Mariko Reed.





  • The Artist at Work

    The Artist at Work

    Julia’s studio is not unlike a laboratory, filled with all the necessary tools and materials to constantly experiment.



  • Pendant Penchant

    Pendant Penchant

    Experiments in enamel turn into gorgeous pendants like these, many of which we carry at Heath.

  • Works in Progress

    Works in Progress

    Enameling each piece one at a time.



  • Peeling Away at Layers

    Peeling Away at Layers

    Julia’s pieces are results of the thoughtful process of distillation. Here, she etches away at an enameled piece to create a beautiful pattern exposing the materials underneath.

  • Tools of the Trade

    Tools of the Trade

    A myriad of creative supplies within arm’s reach for when creativity strikes.

  • The Starting Point

    The Starting Point

    Sketches (and sketches and sketches) of new ideas.

  • Textures, Colors, Form

    Textures, Colors, Form

    A peek at Julia’s ever-changing inspiration board.