• Under one roof

    Under one roof

    From the initial sketch to design to prototype to production, it all happens in one place: the Tanner Goods' workshop. It's how they manage to keep their creative vision on point. We work the same way at Heath. 

  • Design that works

    Design that works

    Tanner Goods works with premium raw materials, so products look good, feel great, and last long. 

  • Sew good

    Sew good

    Their workshop team is small but mighty, coming from diverse backgrounds like industrial design, architecture, carpentry, and metalworking. At every step, their products are made by expert hands.

  • The little things

    The little things

    It's the details that set Tanner Goods apart from the rest. Stitches, pockets, straps, and edges — each component is treated as a product in itself. 

  • Crafted with care

    Crafted with care

    Expert hands at work.