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Cheryl M.

Berkeley, CA

I grew up in Southern California and I remember my parents going to the Bay Area for a trip and coming back with service for 8 of Heathware. It was a beautiful pumpkin color with a gray-brown rim. It was so unusual and exotic and earthy at that time and I remember we first used it for Thanksgiving. I have been in the Bay Area now for 29 years and haven't been to the Heath store but have often thought about it. I am planning a trip soon!

David W.

San Rafael, CA

In 1973 I apprenticed for a potter named Thomas Burdett who, during the '60s, worked for Edith. I remember visiting the factory many times with Tom learning about the techniques used. Though I had decided by this time to make ceramics my life's work, spending time at Heath as a teen had a strong influence, especially in the area of design and user comfort. Thank you for carrying on this lovely tradition and providing a forum in which to share these memories.


San Francisco, CA

When I was a child in the '70s, my dad knew someone who worked at Heath. Our family would visit him often; at the shop and at his fabulous home in the hills. I still remember that house filled with tiled rooms — right out of a fantasy. They are some of my favorite childhood memories!


Spokane, WA

My best friend and I drove from Seattle all the way to Sausalito just to get tile for her kitchen. What a cool trip! Seeing the store was well worth driving 14 hours :) 

Sue F.

Carmel Valley, CA

In 2002 we moved into our dream home, a mid-century "Hobbit hole" on the Carmel River. After a year, we set about remodeling it to meet our needs without losing the spirit of its original builder. We also treasured the hand-built sense of the house. It was a perfect use of Heath ceramic tile. We randomized the colors and created more than a bathroom, rather a signature space that showcases the tile like a work of art. I now live in a home that is defined by its art-quality.

Dennis D.

San Francisco, CA

I saw my first Heath piece at an antique shop in S.F... did a little research... and was delightedly surprised they're local. We planned a visit and had a wonderful experience at their factory store... The staff were helpful and knowledgeable about the ceramics; you could've mistaken them for the craftspeople. I felt as if I was being given a personal tour with all the info they shared. I rarely trek out of town, but this place and the people are absolutely a pleasure to visit.

Lori B.

Burlingame, CA

I grew up in love with our neighbor's Heath dishes, and knew I would choose them for my dayware when I got married. My now husband and I drove over on a whim to the Sausalito Heath Factory Store. It happened to be the first day of a huge sale on the Opaque White Coupe dish line we wanted for our wedding the following summer. The staff was delighted by our enthusiasm, and helped us look through every plate, cup, bowl, and accessory for over 2 hours. We walked out with a carload of place settings and accessories for $650! 

Carol M.

Woodland Hills, CA

I received the dark brown Rim for my wedding in 1973 and used it everyday since. It is one of the classics! Let me know if you ever start making that pattern again... I have looked on Ebay, but pieces are hard to find. Thank you for revitalizing a true treasure.

Joy E.

Scottsdale, AZ

47 years ago, we selected Heath stoneware for our dishes purchased in Colorado. At that time everyone was selecting the usual white with gold trim, so our selection was a surprise to everyone. We entertain regularly, and still get compliments on the dishes as if they were new. We have place settings for eight, and after 47 years we have one tiny chip on a salad plate — and that took place within the last year.

Amy A.

Los Angeles, CA

I grew up in Sausalito. My mother worked with Edith and Brian and everyone as the dinnerware sales person when I was a kid. Everyone in Sausalito used Heath. All the restaurants used it. I loved the lunch room and the light in the studio. Edith loved to take people through there and show off her wares. The few pieces that I still have or that my mother still has have such a history to me. When I saw Heath going up down the block from me I almost fainted. I really can't believe it's going to be blocks away from me again.

Charlotte D.

Philadelphia, PA

A friend of the Heaths' took us to the workshop in 1947 just after we were married in San Francisco. With one of our wedding gifts we bought a set of blue Heath dishes and serving pieces. We really loved them. A number of years later, after moving to Philadelphia, we bought more dishes and cups and saucers in white. We still use them. My granddaughter has just discovered them and loves them. So Heath has brought pleasure to three generations.

Michael V.

San Francisco, CA

I first became aware of Heathware and tile about 1964 via a dear family friend/mentor/historian Thelma White, who, as I understand it, was friends with Edith. Thelma built her "dream" home in Ord Bend, CA (near Chico) and outfitted it with lots of Heath tile, tonnage of serving ware, and custom fountains in courtyards. I never accompanied Thelma on the Sausalito visits to transport products, but I finally had the good fortune to tour the factory last year. It was one of those "full-circle" experiences I am most grateful for.


Christine R.

San Diego, CA

My Uncle, Joe Harbidge, has 4 plates left from his set of Heath ceramics Coupe pattern, "redwood" color from the 1950s. He mentioned that they were making the pottery again and I saw your article in Sunset and sent it to him. He is 87 years old, going on 67, and has an eye for art and design that is God given. Edith Heath's ceramics are truly timeless and beautiful. I'm going to contact you to see if I can add a few cups and saucers to his diminishing set. So cool you are still in business!

Marilyn B.

Mill Valley, CA

Shortly after I was married, almost 50 years ago, your Rim Line in Moonstone was introduced. I fell in love with it! Over the years, my husband and I purchased about 8 place settings. When we parted, in 1972, we divided the Moonstone. He remarried and his wife suggested they return the Moonstone to me. Our older son graduated from college, purchased a house, and took half of my Moonstone! I have not yet filled in my original 8 place settings. I'm on my third attempt to purchase enough Moonstone to set a full table!

Anthony M.

Burney, CA

I am writing about the six-inch cereal bowls that my parents received as a wedding present in 1964. They have survived well over the years. They are white on the inside and are a shade of brown on the outside.  They received a set of six originally and we are now down to just one left. WHAT A CLASSIC!!!! The bowl brings back a lot of memories for me. I hope that you still make them as we will be looking for some just like the one we have. They were purchased in Sausalito, CA.

Jane S.

Annadale, VA

I purchased Heathware 51 years ago in a small shop in Minneapolis. I was about to be married to a career Army officer. We have moved many times since then and Heathware has followed us. It has always been useful, casual, durable, and colorful for us and our family of five children (and guests) to enjoy for those many years when they were at home with us. It still gives me the same enjoyment seeing them on my table after all these many years. So, thank you to those artisans who make daily chores more enjoyable and beautiful.   

Carla S.

Forestville, CA

My mom had the Rim Line in the '60s and she still has them. When I married in 1983, I wanted Heath Ceramics for my table and chose an 8-piece set, Coupe Line. I constantly receive compliments... Heathware is timeless, hip and beautiful. Being a San Francisco native, I absolutely love the Heath Studio and Factory. Don't ever change and thank you.

Richard L.

Pass Christian, MS

I had forgotten where I purchased several small bags of "Heath" ceramic buttons. I've been clearing some stuff from my Katrina-damaged home and came across this lot of buttons in a metal cabinet where I kept jewelry fabrication supplies. I'm working on some findings for them and will be making earrings, rings, and pendants out of them. I got online to see if I could find anything about them, and the search brought me here.

Jan M.

Bigfork, MT

I registered for pumpkin Heath pottery at a store in Montana prior to my marriage in 1970, when many friends were buying "fine china". I'm pleased to say I'm still using my wonderful Heath Coupe dinnerware 39 years later. Its style is timeless, and it is so durable that it lasted raising 4 children. I still love my Heath. Now our grown children wonder "who will get the pottery?" when Dad and I no longer can use it. I hope that's a long time away!

Christa C.

Sacramento, CA

After seeing an episode of Martha Stewart with guest Edith Heath, I fell in love with her pottery. I purchased one place setting and displayed it in my dining room for all to see! A few days later, my mother-in-law came to visit and commented on the set. When I told her it was Heath, she was ecstatic. The dinnerware that she used for special occasions was Heath. In 2004, we lost my mother-in-law. Before her death she told me that she wanted me to have her Heath because she knew how I admired it. I can't tell you how much this set means to me.

John C.

El Segundo, CA

In 1973 I began my internship with what was then Sasaki Walker Associates, just blocks from Heath. We did a lot of environmental graphics in those years, and never missed an opportunity to have custom tiles created in PMS colors. While we fire glass of all sorts, not clay, I look back to see how formative my time was wandering around Edith's shop. I also see it when entering our kitchen, with random plates still today from the many different restaurants she produced them for.

Steve G.

Marietta, GA

In 1975 I visited a favorite shop in downtown Detroit. A setting of Rim Moonstone caught my eye. Wow. Beautiful, bold and elegant all at the same time. How often does that happen? Our collection has survived multiple moves, countless washings and sometimes clumsy hands. It enjoys being used by a couple of kids looking to create a special occasion out of a bowl of ice cream as well as those special larger gatherings we like to host. It remains one of our best finds — and when it sets the table, I still think "wow".

Catherine B.

Port Angeles, WA

My mother was introduced to Edith Heath by their mutual friend Al Podesta in 1955. Mom fell in love with Heath Ceramics then and began collecting. Mom (and Al) are both gone now, but I am still using and loving Mom's collection, some 250 pieces. I have had the privilege of using these dishes all my life — over 50 years — and I feel truly blessed. I've never found any other tableware I liked as well; Heath has a timeless beauty that never goes out of style. Thank you.

Blair W.

Helena, MT

Years ago I discovered Heath Rim ware, in moonstone, and fell in love. When I got married I wanted to register for it so badly, but feared my friends just wouldn't get it. One week prior to my wedding I came across a local tag sale in which someone had a complete 5-piece setting for 12 along with serving dishes. My mother bought them for me for my wedding gift, and I am even more in love. Now, 14 years later, they are still the highlight of my kitchen.

Linda B.

Downers Grove, IL

What a surprise to see "A Brief History of Heath Ceramics" in the November, 2009 Country Living Magazine. I registered for my Heath dishes 33 years ago, not knowing anything about them, except that I loved the classic look. Now I know a little bit about you and just want you to know that I still use those same dishes every day!

Janet S.

Gulf Breeze, FL

I started collecting Heathware in 1980. I would stop by the shop on my way home to San Rafael from work in San Francisco. I sat on the concrete floor with stacks of seconds selecting pieces in Granite Blue. My Heath has survived earthquakes and hurricanes and looks as good as the day I bought it. It is loved and admired by family and friends.

Patricia H.

Bethesda, MD

I bought my first place setting, Moonstone Rim, in a small shop in Portland in the mid-'70s. My dad faithfully wrapped and shipped my growing collection when it was clear I wasn't moving back from Washington DC. All these years my family made regular pilgrimages to Sausalito to see what new treasures we could find. Today I purchased dinner plates for our son and his new wonderful bride from their Heath registry. My husband and I can't think of a more connected, timeless and perfect wedding present.

Kat H.

Orinda, CA

Although I first learned about Heath in a ceramics class many moons ago, I didn't purchase my first pieces until 2004. I feel so lucky to live near the factory store. I prefer the one-of-a-kind "seconds" I'm able to buy there, which agree with my mix-and-match aesthetic. Being able to use something on a daily basis that is handmade locally — and for such an important use as feeding my family — feels like such a luxury. Thank you for keeping the legacy of Heath not only alive, but vibrant and relevant.

Leslie B.

Rescue, CA

I was an engaged bride to my husband, now of 29 years, back in 1981. We were supposed to do the gift registry "thing" together — and we did — with the exception of our dinnerware. I walked into a store in San Luis Obispo and saw the Rim Moonstone tableware and bought two place settings on the spot. Sixteen place settings and a myriad of accessories later, they are still our everyday dishes, and we have never grown tired of them. We love to visit the studio in Sausalito and make an effort to work it into any of our SF trips.

Margaret W.

Ann Arbor, MI

Just after World War Two, my parents first met in Berkeley, where they were both graduate students. They were married in 1948, and with a wedding gift of money, they went to Sausalito to Edith Heath's newly-opened studio/shop and bought dinnerware for their new apartment. Over the years, a few pieces have had to be replaced. Now my mother is 92 and she still uses her Heath plates, bowls and cups — in the Coupe pattern with Sage glaze — every day.

Paul W.

Canton, MI

I have been a proud owner of Heath dinnerware since 1976 and I still love it today. There is nothing better. Thanks for the quality, style and design to span many years.

Michael M.

Santa Rosa, CA

I went to Sausalito for the annual sale. It was very busy, but well-staffed. The staffer who helped me made sure I had precisely what I wanted. Checkout was efficient and super-friendly. I also took a factory tour — fascinating and informative. I wanted to to tell you how much I appreciate the care and attention you pay not only to your product but also to your customers. My only regret — what I call my Tevye Complex, you know, if I were a rich man — is that I don't have more money to spend at Heath!

Barbara A.

Seattle, WA

I was nine when Heath began. My mom owned a shop in Visalia, CA, and she was amongst the first to sell Heath. After my mom's death, we found one lone remnant of her inventory, a single espresso cup and saucer. Today, that cup and saucer led me to a wonderful Seattle store that stocks Heath. I was just blown away by the fabulous colors and timeless design. I have gobs of fine china, but my true heart is with all-American pottery, especially if it's from California. Thanks for still being there.

Shannon M.

Sacramento, CA

I'm a confirmed pottery nut, and when I first saw your pottery at the Ferry Building I fell in love with it immediately. We visited your factory outlet for the first time recently and I bought a large 'seconds' bowl in my favorite color combination. I plan to use it for serving pasta, chips and salad. Between uses it sits on the kitchen counter, a beautiful object in its own right to admire. Thank you!

Phyllis R.

Silver Spring, MD

My first order arrived yesterday, so now I am enjoying a mug of coffee after finishing a bowl of cereal from the Coupe line, and it is just a delightful experience — the pieces really do call out to be, well, almost caressed. I fell in love with my parents' Heathware over Christmas, and ordered a mug and a bowl just to make sure I liked them, too. I can't wait for my next order to arrive at which point I will begin to replace the dishes I received as a college graduation present 28 years ago! Thank you for making such a beautiful product.

Brooke W.

Seattle, WA

My parents married in 1950 and their "everyday" dishes were Heath. They still use it today. I fell in love with your product after growing up with it and have my own Heath tableware now — in fact, unlike my parents who have stuck with their original glaze, I have several different glazes because I can't resist your stuff. I wanted to thank you for donating a generous 25% of online sales to Architecture for Humanity to help with the rebuilding efforts in Japan. You inspired me to get some new Heath and I can feel good about doing it.

Mary H.

Portland, OR

I am 55 years young, and as far back as I can remember, my family enjoyed Heath dishes every day at mealtimes. Edith Heath was my mom's cousin, and I always took pride in that, and enjoyed learning about her. When I married in 1976, we had to register for Heath. We selected the Rim style in a color called sandstone. We raised our sons using them daily. Now my 31-year-old son who lives in San Francisco expressed the desire to have my dishes, which still look like new. Talk about enduring style!!


Wilmington, DE

When I was thinking about where to register for dishes I thought about how much I loved my grandmother's dishes. My mom told me that they are Heath Ceramics. I squealed with joy when I saw you had registries! It all meant so much since my grandmother died when I was little, and this is a way to have her in my life. Not only is this a connection to my grandmother, but everything you make is amazing! I will be the envy of everyone, which is really every bride's goal whether they will admit it or not. Thank You Heath Ceramics!

Vanessa H.

Los Angeles, CA

My boyfriend’s mountain-nestled home, where we were living, burned down in the Coral Canyon wildfire. One of my favorite belongings burned up, a platter of my dad’s. My father is a potter and arts professor. My dad’s pots are my most cherished possessions. A month later, I won the Apartment Therapy holiday gift giveaway, and your serving dish beautifully takes the place of the lost bowl. I appreciate the nuances of how things occasionally seem to align out of randomness, like unexpected gifts that arrive in the mail after a painful loss.


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