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People at Heath

Annie Nguyen

Started 2007 DW Trimming Lead

Cecilia Angel

Started 2002 Cup Handling

Carly Guthrie

Started 2016 HR Director

Jorge Velazquez

Started 1986 Dinnerware Glazer

Nancy Teurn

Started 2009 Warehouse Lead

Winifred Crittenden

Started 1974 Glaze Development

From: Portola Valley, CA

What do you love about your job?
Putting colors together that sing and working on new projects all the time.

Antonia Campanella

Started 2011 Showroom Supervisor

Eric Jones

Started 2015 Forming Lead

Meuy Saechao

Started 2014 Trimming Generalist I

Mouang Saelee

Started 2014 Trimming Generalist I

From: Laos

Besides work, what excites you?
I enjoy spending time in my yard gardening.

Dung Nguyen

Started 1990 Plant Mechanic

Lindsay Spain

Started 2014 Showroom Sales Specialist

Tony Heang

Started 2016 Tile Generalist

Iris Calderon

Started 2016 Sales Supervisor

Foo Saephan

Started 2007 Forming Generalist II

Gonzalo Carcamo

Started 2011 Facilities II

Michael Anmuth

Started 2010 Showroom Manager

Alex Reed

Started 2013 LA Studio Manager

From: Cincinnati, OH

What do you love about your job? 
I love the variety and hands–on problem solving that this job requires. Clay is cheap, relatively easy to work with, and has a fascinating history.

Ervin Portillo

Started 2006 Dinnerware Jiggerman

Dan Keenan

Started 2015 Environmental, Health and Safety Manager

Grant Glossop

Started 2011 Warehouse and Shipping Manager

Chai Saephan

Started 2004 Tile Lead

From: Richmond, California

What do you love about your job? 
Having the chance to work with other great people, as well as we all get to take pride in what we make.

Megan Sanguinetti

Started 2012 Visual Design Manager

Jessica Bovert

Started 2014 Etcher

Coco Peck

Started 2009 Showroom Manager

Ignacio Ortiz

Started 1978 Quality Control

Catherine & Robin

Started 2003 Owners, Creative and Managing Directors

Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic both know design. Today, they lead Heath Ceramics by incorporating design-led manufacturing principles and believing that responsible business practices lead to long-term business viability. Catherine sets the direction and creative vision as Creative Director. Robin manages all operations, manufacturing and business development as Managing Director.

Lai Saephan

Started 1999 QC Lead

Ivan Gomez

Started 2015 Maintenance Mechanic and Facilities Support

Peter Berg

Started 2013 Raw Materials Supervisor/Ceramic Technician

Jo Slota

Started 2014 Product Development Engineer

From: Bloomington, CA

Besides work, what excites you? 
Coffee, bikes, beer, & gardening, playing with my wife & kids, and building things with the 5 Ton Crane art collective.

Sarah Gehle

Started 2015 Showroom Supervisor

Kao Saechao

Started 2014 Dinnerware Glazer

Bob Hughes

Started 2016 Industrial Maintenance Technician

Crystal Dawn P. Carino

Started 2016 Tile Mounting

May Saechao

Started 2014 Warehouse Associate

Tony Phan

Started 2007 Glazing Generalist IV

Vuan Saefong

Started 2015 Tile Mounting

Eric Gaietto

Started 2004 Tile Manager

From: Tiffin, Ohio

Besides work what excites you? 
Bargain hunting for mid century furniture/accessories and mosaics.

Sitthideth Selitham

Started 2016 Tile QC

Lisa Choromanski

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Daniel Vuono

Started 2016 Dinnerware Production Manager

Gabriel Cervo

Started 2015 IT Support Technician

From: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Besides work, what excites you? 
Gardening! It’s great, I love everything about it. From planting seeds to taking care of full grown plants – I can spend hours doing it. At one point, I was able to maintain 30 different types of plants in my garden – it was beautiful. I called it my “Mini Amazon."

Tressa Crabb

Started 2012 Registry Specialist

Armond White

Started 2017 Glazing Generalist

Rosalie Wild

Started 2013 Designer

Sheila Imandoust

Started 2013 Tile Specialist

Melissa Ann Danico

Started 2013 Glazing Special Projects

Riley Parker

Started 1974 QC Generalist I

Nai F. Saephan

Started 2013 Tile Glaze Lead

Angelito Dayrit

Started 2016 Production Stitcher

Ricky Saephan

Started 2013 Shipping Service Operator

Jimmy Saechao

Started 2015 Tile Logistics Operator

Ada Ko

Started 2013 Head of Product and Environment Design

From: Hong Kong

Besides work, what excites you?
Pork belly, duck and cats (but not together).

Fuey Saechao

Started 2007 TIle Prep

Doug Partridge

Started 2011 SF Project Manager

Minna Smith

Started 2014 Registry Specialist

From: Oakland, California

Besides work, what excites you? 
I like to collect vintage cookbooks, especially midcentury ones with garish Technicolor food photography.

Hien Phuong

Started 2006 Dinnerware Glazing

David Wilhoit

Started 2012 Sales Director

Milly Perez

Started 2013 Trimming Generalist II

Lauren Bida

Started 2015 Showroom Staff

Lina Phan

Started 2010 Whse Associate

Teresa Lozano

Started 2015 Shipper

Russell Crittenden

Started 1978 Die & Mold Maker

From: Portola Valley, California

What do you love about your job? 
My job makes me feel connected with an age old craft. It is a very exciting time to be working at Heath!

Marvin Sanders

Started 2016 Online Director

Ken Ballinger

Started 2011 Process Engineer

Gustavo Mejia

Started 2013 Glazing Generalist I

Emily Holmes

Started 2014 Comms Associate

Miles Goles

Started 2014 Industrial Controls Electrician

Tom Rolf

Started 2010 Facilities Manager

Cindy Saephan

Started 2007 QC Generalist I

Ali Shaukat

Started 1984 Glaze Maker / Fireman

From: Pakistan

What does your personal collection of Heath look like?
I have a few old Heath Pieces and a few new pieces. There is not one day that I am not eating off of Heath. It makes every meal delicious.

Richard Urban

Started 2007 Lab Technician

From: San Francisco, California

What do you love about your job? 
I love learning how products are conceived, developed and finally put into production.

Justin Hulsey

Started 2016 Stock Lead

Kora Thomas

Started 2011 Finance Assistant

Tommy Nguyen

Started 2009 Glazing Lead

Jeffrey Perkins

Started 2015 Tile Glazer

Lezly Lizama

Started 2014 HR Payroll Coordinator

From: Los Angeles, CA

What do you love about your job? 
Everyday it is something different, which keeps it interesting.

Yao Saetern

Started 2008 Tile Generalist

Jessica Toth

Started 2009 Showroom Manager

Gabriel Umana

Started 2009 Glazing Generalist IV

Karla Cortes

Started 1999 Warehouse Logistics Supervisor

From: San Francisco, California

Besides work, what excites you? 
Roller coasters, and anything that's exciting and challenging.

Elias Rivera

Started 2010 Slip Casting

Muang Hinh Saechao

Started 2015 Shipper

Jose Gonzalez

Started 2007 Kiln Generalist II

Kao Saechao

Started 2009 Glazing Generalist IV

Luew Saephan

Started 2000 Process Technician

From: Richmond, California

Besides work, what excites you?
Playing the game of golf. It's a competitive sport, and I'm always trying to improve my skills.

Yaechiam Chaophanh

Started 2011 Forming Generalist I

Javier Lozano

Started 2014 Facilities

Jon Brooder

Started 1964 Tile Manager Emeritus

Tuan Tran

Started 2000 Claymaker Level II

Francisco Angel

Started 2009 Inventory Transfer

Perry Bryer

Started 2013 Co-Showroom Manager

Chalay Saelee

Started 2010 Forming Generalist II

Hung Nguyen

Started 2008 Tile Press Crew

Israel Rivera

Started 2010 Tile Kiln Fireman

From: El Salvador

What does your personal collection of Heath look like? 
I'm getting my first four dinner plates for my one year anniversary. I chose onyx.



Alexa George

Started 2011 Showroom Staff


Employee Since 2014 Resident Newf

Carole Scott

Started 2012 Co-Showroom Manager

Regina Connell

Started 2014 Communications Director

From: Born Tokyo, spent my formative childhood years in Hong Kong, then moved to Cali when I was 12!

What is your favorite Heath piece?
My Plaza condiment plates in aqua, because it's what my unbelievably indulged and lucky cats eat from.

Sara McBeen

Started 2014 Assistant Manager, Heath Newsstand

Mario Luna

Started 2014 Second Shift Lead

Neal Beardmore

Started 2015 Production Director

From: Stoke-On-Trent, England, which is at the heart of the UK ceramic industry and is commonly known as "The Potteries"

What do you love about your job?
Working with a great team, manufacturing outstanding products, and of course having to do that while living in California isn't so bad!

Daniel Easterling

Started 2014 Shipper

Roger Sexton

Started 2011 Finance Director

Katelin Mazor

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Alexandra Rogers

Started 2013 Assistant Showroom Manager

Holly Bun

Started 2015 Digital Operations Specialist

Erick Renoj

Started 2011 Firing Lead

Dionne Anderson

Started 2011 Visual Merch. Assistant

Max Hernandez

Started 2013 Glazing Process Technician

From: Novato, California

Besides work, what excites you? 
I enjoy working out and spending time with my family.

Sean Wagner

Started 2013 Retail Shipping & Logistics Lead

Lyn Coffey

Started 2015 Tile Specialist

Jay Dion

Started 2016 Clay Prod. Lab Manager

Jeff Kubis

Started 2012 Process Engineering Assoc.

Maria Lizama

Started 2011 Cup Handling

Jim Kao Fong

Started 2012 Tile Press Crew

Sibyl Kaufman

Started 2012 Customer Service

Oscar Castro

Started 2012 Claymaker Level I

Sarah Kotcher

Started 2012 Hospitality Account Manager

From: San Francisco, California

What does your personal collection of Heath look like? I began buying Heath, one plate or bowl at a time, way before I worked for the company. I have a wonderful and eclectic mix of colors, and they look beautiful all mixed together on the table.

Cody Bloom

Started 2013 Die/Mold Making Generalist II

From: Juneau, Alaska

Besides work, what excites you? 
Since San Francisco and Oakland offer so much opportunity, I enjoy exploring the Bay Area and trying new foods.

Brian Tzeo

Started 2011 Shipping

Chio Teurn

Started 2012 Tile Prep

Talya Naftali

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Lisa Tuve

Started 2016 Showroom Sales Specialist

Derek Macario

Started 2016 Newsstand Staff

Elleni Hailu

Started 2012 Showroom Staff

Hanh Vo

Started 2014 Slipmaker

Francisco Valadez

Started 2015 Showroom Staff

Tiffany Wheat

Started 2014 Tile and Trade Director

From: Berkeley, CA

What is your favorite Heath piece?
A Chez Panisse dessert plate (with a generous slice of pie!).

Celeste Mink

Started 2013 Special Production Lead

Jackson Chin

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

James Wacht

Started 2015 Showroom Staff

Paul O'Neil

Started 2014 Showroom Staff

Vanessa Pateman

Started 2012 Lean Project Associate

From: San Diego, CA

What is your favorite Heath piece? 
I'm a huge fan of our Plaza Dessert Bowls. They are such a great size! I love using them as kitchen prep bowls, and of course, for ice cream.

Colin Sheldrick

Started 2012 Facilities Supervisor

Daniel Phan

Started 2014 Tile Quality Control

Ernie Martin

Started 2016 Assistant Showroom Manager

From: Los Angeles, CA.

What do you love about your job?
The people. Everyone is amazing and talented!

Thomas Duda

Started 2015 HR Operations Manager

From: St. Louis, Missouri

Besides work, what excites you? Concerts and day trips to places far and wide.

Aline Cautis

Started 2012 Senior Tile Specialist

Robin Belcher

Started 2012 Showroom Designer Specialist

Lily Teurn

Started 2013 Lead Shipper

Walter Flores

Started 2013 Forming Generalist III

Joe Farnham

Started 2013 Tile Production Manager

Alison Wilson

Started 2013 Showroom Staff

Seng Saechao

Started 2013 Tile Glazer

Robin Durnell Lafond

Started 2014 Glazing Generalist II

Tung Chiang

Started 2012 San Francisco Studio Director

From: Hong Kong

Besides work, what excites you?
Food and dogs (but not together).

Dillon Froelich

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Chad Lockey

Started 2015 IT Manager

Ryan Curtin

Started 2016 Merchandise Manager

Chris Sidner

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Jessica Chavez

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Rachel Olney

Started 2013 Production Planner

Kevin Saephan

Started 2015 Tile Generalist

Ben Warner

Started 2004 Project Engineer

From: North Carolina

Besides work, what excites you?
Being far out to sea and somewhere warm on my sailboat.

Anthony Wong

Started 2017 Tile Generalist

Sara R. Lopez-Isaacs

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Cheryl Piha

Started 2016 Tile Specialist

Allyn Beltran

Started 2015 IT Business Analyst

From: Vallejo, and now living in San Francisco. I'm a California guy!

Besides work, what excites you? 
I enjoy exploring record/music stores to discover all kinds of music. I particularly favor jazz, old school hip hop, soul and R&B.

Tien Keuth

Started 2017 Dinnerware Generalist

Muang Fow Saephan

Started 2016 Dinnerware Generalist

Adam Hatley

Started 2016 Facilities

Justine Donato

Started 2017 Newsstand Staff

Julie Khosh

Started 2016 Forming Generalist

Chris Godowski

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Chloe Walsh

Started 2017 Customer Service Associate

John Lee

Started 2016 Glazer

Michaela Mitchell

Started 2016 Glazer

Hector Agosto

Started 2016 Forming Generalist II

Tim Miller

Started 2016 Bay Area Inventory Transfer

Kelly Donahoe

Started 2012 Finance Associate

Tana Hamilton

Started 2014 Showroom Sales Specialist

Erin Silva

Started 2013 Administration and Communications Manager

From: San Francisco, California

Besides work, what excites you?
I love the metal arts, shark week, and reading about Everest expeditions.

Adrian De Kroon

Started 2010 Assistant Controller

From: Capetown, South Africa

What do you love about your job?
It's just great to be part of such a dynamic and progressive company. Sharing this future with all the employees creates a very worthwhile environment where we can all thrive including all our dog friends.

Hugo Pineda

Started 2013 Pug Mill Operator

Brian Chao

Started 2013 Die/Mold Making Generalist II

Sherra Scott

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Jo Ashmore

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Hilary Wootton

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Reshma Lensing

Started 2016 Senior Operations Planner

Peter Moran

Started 2016 Forming Generalist II

Stephani Martinez

Started 2016 Administrative Assistant

From: Richmond, CA

What is your favorite Heath piece? 
The studio mug.. no wait, the bulb vase.. no wait, the serving platters...there are too many to choose from!

Besides work, what excites you? 
Traveling to new place and taking long walks and being inspired by what I see around me.

Mario Oliveira

Started 2016 Tile Warehouse Associate

Sara Laser

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Lia Meador

Started 2016 Customer Service Associate

Adriana Gordon

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

From: Oxnard, CA

What does your personal collection of Heath look like? 
A sweet mix of pieces from across collections, seconds & thirds, matte & gloss, and seasonal pieces dating back to 2013.

Cheng Saephan

Employee Since 2015 Facilities and Site Custodian

Hannah Thornhill

Started 2017 Showroom Staff

Dante Thompson

Started 2017 Tile Glazer

Heather Pratt

Started 2017 Newsstand Staff

Simone Earnhardt

Started 2016 Heath Learns Consultant

Kalen Bergado

Started 2017 Newsstand Staff

Sandra Grosso

Started 2016 Showroom Staff

Khanh Nguyen

Started 2017 Tile Forming Generalist


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