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Our partnerships bring together Heath Ceramics with artists and designers who share
a similar fascination with materials and holistic beauty. The result is always more wonderful than the sum of its parts.


Alabama Chanin Collection

One works in cloth, stitching in Alabama. One works in clay, firing in California. The two are joined, 2,266 miles apart, through texture, pattern, materials, and a true passion for slow, thoughtful design. The collaboration by Heath Ceramics and Alabama Chanin yielded an anthology of objects: carefully crafted modern heirlooms, presented as the Alabama Chanin Collection, a new and permanent dinnerware line for Heath Ceramics. The Alabama Chanin Collection illustrates sustained quality, detail, style, and craftsmanship by offering modern-day, heirloom quality pieces, that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect.

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Dwell Patterns

When Heath found themselves finalists in the 2009 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards — and lunching at the White House with fellow finalists Lara Hedberg-Deam (founder of Dwell Media) and architect/designer Chris Deam — the idea of a collaboration took root. One year later, Dwell Patterns was released.

The tile line consists of three new modular shapes that can be arranged to create infinite possibilities. Dwell Patterns pairs geometric forms with Heath Tile's handcrafted beauty and rich glaze palette.

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Heath House Numbers

This collaboration occurred after Andy Cruz, owner of House Industries, toured the Heath Factory in the spring of 2009. The partnership had all the building blocks of a brilliant marriage — two passionate and independent parties working with different materials on a convergent path.

The result is our 3-dimensional clay tiles celebrating the legendary Neutra and Eames number fonts. Each tile combines precision with craft in a tribute to classic California aesthetic. Forming these beautiful and refined shapes out of an imprecise material, like clay, creates a fantastic contrast. The finished piece becomes as interesting as the homes where the numbers will reside.

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Cristello + Heath

San Francisco designer Julie Cristello is a longtime friend of Heath Ceramics. Her uncommon use of materials and subtle design sensibility led to this collaboration. Inspired by Edith Heath's 1970s experiment with 'kiln fillers,' or ceramic buttons, Cristello and Heath joined forces to make some of their own ceramic miniatures.

Each custom-designed, hand-extruded bead is glazed and fired at Heath Ceramics by Cristello. The one-of-a-kind necklaces combine clay, leather, twine, metal, and brass — resulting in timelessly stylish pieces of jewelry.


Focusing on enhanced life through design, Commune uses unconventional thinking to produce holistic, creative design solutions. This philosophy made them an ideal partner for Heath’s showrooms in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The collaboration produced two retail environments as beautiful, simple, and functional as the pieces they house. Commune designed shelving and convertible furnishings from knotty pine plywood, influenced by the minimalist furniture of Donald Judd, to showcase the pieces made and gathered by Heath Ceramics and Adam Silverman.

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Chez Panisse Collection

The Chez Panisse Collection — a collaboration between chef and food visionary Alice Waters, clothing and housewares designer Christina Kim, and Heath Ceramics — grew out of a shared appreciation for craftsmanship and beauty in natural ingredients. The collection was meticulously designed for use in Alice Waters' famed Chez Panisse restaurant with the goal of complementing both the food and the classically elegant interior.

The result is a beautiful new line of Heathware with refined, yet organic, elegance. Five percent of all sales are donated to Waters' Edible Schoolyard Project to the Chez Panisse Foundation.

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Dosa Tea Set

The Dosa Tea Set represents a vision shared by Heath and Dosa: a sincere appreciation for handcrafted objects and for the artistic traditions that produce them. Christina Kim’s design takes inspiration from Edith Heath’s hand-thrown teacups and from the handcrafted vessels of indigenous cultures. The pieces are crafted in Heath’s classic California stoneware. The original collaboration produced two tea sets, a limited-edition dark and light, to represent the phases of the moon. More recently, the set of four cups with tray are offered in a soft celadon, designed specifically for this collection.

Roy McMakin Collection

Roy McMakin — an artist known for working with unconventional media — designed a collection of vases for Heath Ceramics, entitled Language and Redemption. By tweaking a range of forms, from classic to modern, he created a series of humorous yet functional vessels.

The vases are sold as a set and available exclusively through Matthew Marks Gallery in New York.

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