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We thoughtfully make, gather, and sell enduring objects that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect.

We are a passionately creative, design-led manufacturer, who, among other things, strives to impact peoples’ relationship with the things they buy. Weaving together our stores' collective offerings, you'll find the common threads of holistic design and integrated manufacturing. This close-knit relationship between designing and making not only creates wonderfully sound objects, but also, ones that close the gap between intention and outcome.

As experience has shown us, numerous social and cultural rewards emerge as a result of the designer/maker philosophy, such as: strong community, job creation, pride, timeless design, environmental integrity, fair work practices, quality of life, and the list goes on.

We offer a product that will resist trends, be loved, and function over a lifetime, even passed on to the next generation. We take pride in the longevity of our pieces and design new colors and styles to complement existing collections, not replace them. The price of our products reflects the actual cost of producing items in a responsible manner in the US. We comply with strict environmental standards; our staff is fairly compensated — receiving full health and retirement benefits, and a high quality of life, not to mention enough dinner party inspiration to last a lifetime.

Moving forward, facing new economic and environmental issues, business challenges and politics, Heath Ceramics remains a small and privately owned local manufacturer. We strive to become a model for US manufacturing — inspiring designers' domestic production and US manufacturers to think creatively about their business models, placing financial profit as the means, rather than the end.

Happy making!

Mission & Values

We are maker-gatherers, attracted to functional and beautiful objects that enhance the way people eat, live, and connect


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