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The safety of our products for you and the friends and family you invite to your table is important to us. All our dinnerware products meet and exceed both US and California safety standards for food use. And likewise for those with small eaters, our kids products also meet and exceed US safety standards for children’s products. We rely on third party certification labs to tell us that we’re exceeding expectations, and we’ve included all those details here to help you understand just what it all means.


Here's What to Know

At the Federal and California State levels, there are regulations ensuring the safety of tableware, including our Heathware, regarding exposure to lead and cadmium — common concerns that we hear about from you. At the Federal level, there are also regulations ensuring the safety of products intended for children. Here are the details, and how it all works:

FDA – On a federal level, the FDA regulates and sets standards for exposure to lead and cadmium from food contact surfaces.

Prop 65 – The State of California requires that tableware meets the Federal Standards set by the FDA. California Prop 65 is another standard, specific to California, for exposure to lead and cadmium in tableware.

CPSIA – The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act empowers the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to verify compliance of a product based on safety considerations and regulations. These requirements apply specifically to our children products.

Here's How We Go About It

We make our own products.

Every piece of dinnerware — from clay to kiln — is made in our factory right here in Sausalito, California. This means we know our materials and where they come from. We do not use lead as a glaze ingredient.

We test them to federal and state standards.

We send samples to third-party testing labs that follow standard test procedures as prescribed by each of the regulations set by the FDA, California Prop 65, and the CPSC. This testing on our products confirms our compliance to state and federal regulations, and that we’re meeting the goals that we set for integrity in our products. It allows us a platform to communicate with you about the safety and thorough testing that goes into our products.

We share those results with you.

It’s all available to you, right here. A General Certificate of Compliance for our dinnerware and individual certificates for all of our children’s products are listed to the right (click to view) if you are interested in gaining a greater understanding of just how our products comply.

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Product Safety

Our products are food safe.
As you’d expect, from a company that believes in supporting a community around the dining table.


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