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Who We Are

Heath designs, makes, and sells thoughtful products that embody creativity and craftsmanship, and enhance the way people eat, live, and connect.

In Brief

We’re a historic pottery turned designer, maker, and seller of goods that embody creativity and craftsmanship, elevate the everyday, and enhance the way people eat, live and connect.

Founded in 1948 in Sausalito, California, Heath Ceramics is best known for ceramic tableware and architectural tile made by hand. Today, with our original dinnerware factory in Sausalito, our tile factory in San Francisco’s Mission district, and our retail showrooms in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we bring together designing, making and selling to offer beautiful, high-quality goods of all types that blur the line between everyday objects and family heirlooms.

How We Work

At Heath, we're designing our business as thoughtfully as we design and make our products. We ask "why" a lot. Experimentation thrives. And culture and creativity rule. 

We offer goods that last.
We believe in quality over quantity, only making and selling beautiful, well-made goods that stand the test of time.

We design and make and sell.
Being responsible for it all means that we're better at each aspect of what we do. 

We build environments around our mission.
From our showrooms to our factories to our offices, we've created spaces that bring together our people and communities to learn from each other, forge lasting bonds and create lots of good energy.

We believe in growing responsibly.
By working smart and growing prudently, we're building a strong business that allows us to make good things and do good work. It’s also more fun than we ever imagined.


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