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LEED Credits


Heath can contribute to LEED-H credits as follows:

MR 2.2 Environmentally Preferable Materials

Tile is not specifically named as a component that can be counted toward this credit unless:
- 45% of the floors in the home must be a hard surface for 1/2 point credit.
- Also, if 90% of the total flooring of the project is a hard surface, an additional 1/2 point is added.
- Potential synergies include tile used along with other materials to achieve a total of 45% 
(or 90%) EPP materials used as flooring.

Heath can contribute to LEED-NC credits as follows:

 MR 4 - Recycled Content Product:
- Kiln Shelves. 97.4% recycled content by weight.

MR 5 - Regional Materials Products:
- Manganese Tile (dark clay body). 50% regional content by weight.
- Kiln Shelves. 97.4% regional content by weight.

Please note:

Values must be calculated along with other qualifying materials as a part of the overall project material cost. Points are allocated based on percentage achieved. 10% = 1 point, 20% = 2 points.


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