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Registry Stories


We thought you may enjoy reading a few stories from some of our registrants. If you have comments or your own story to share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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Anne Z.

San Francisco, CA

I believe that a wedding reception is a bride and bridegroom's first act of hospitality as a married couple, and that gifts ought to help the couple hold up that tradition of hospitality. Heath became a symbol of that promise: shared holiday meals, dinner parties, family, food, and love. I adore that my Heath dinner and serving ware is beautiful but approachable — just like I like my food and wine to be.

Lindsay L.

Brooklyn, NY

As part of our registry, my now husband and I decided to register with Heath Ceramics. Having always been a big fan, it was the perfect excuse for us to add unique, well crafted (and locally grown!) tableware to our collection. And now we eat off our tableware nightly. I am continually delighted with the beauty, rich colors and quality. It's hard to close the cupboard door.

Erin O.

Bay Area, CA

We always joked that the only reason I would ever get married would be to register at Heath. Well, I got married, and there were other reasons, but the only place we registered was Heath and we LOVE our dishes. Depending on someone’s budget, they can get you one bowl or eight plates! Its also nice because we live in the Bay Area, so we get to feel like we’re supporting a local business!

Nicole T.

San Francisco, CA

We registered at Heath for the unique style and local pieces. My fiance and I spent quite a while in the Factory Store, mixing and matching until we finally landed on our color palette. We love using our pieces for decoration and everyday use... the bowls are my favorite. They represent that moment in time when we were planning, and preparing for the day, which is a feeling you only experience once (well, you hope).

Cory S.

Minneapolis, MN

We had been using Heath for years before we registered for our wedding. We absolutely loved the idea of adding to our collection with gifts from friend and family. The online registry was really helpful for our out-of-town guests and as an added bonus, we were able to introduce people to products that we knew they would love. Now we have a complete set that we eat off of every day — that's not to say that we're not still in the process of adding to our collection... I'm afraid that will never stop.