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The Heath Clay Studio

The Heath Clay Studio is a place of experimentation, exploration, and inspiration. It’s where we evolve our shapes, glazes, design and making processes. It’s where we play, learn, and share.  

For us, design isn’t an event, it’s a process in which the journey is often just as fascinating as the result. In our annual Design Series, Tung Chiang and the Heath Clay Studio go deep on one subject over the course of a year. At the end of the year, he shares with the community not only the final works, but also the conception, exploration, and prototyping phases as well.

Design Series 4: Alchemy

This year, we’re celebrating our enduring appreciation and respect for the mysteries and magic of glaze.

At Heath, glaze is a big part of our DNA and history, as important to us as form. Tung and his team — with the help of our master glazer, Winnie Crittenden, Edith Heath’s niece — created one-of-a-kind works that focus on the possibilities of our glazes on tall vessels, grooved vases, plates, and platters. 

Design Series 4 opened in Heath SF on November 4 and Heath LA on November 5.

See gallery here.

Design Series 3: Throwing Light

In 2015, we journeyed a little further afield to the magical world of lighting. After a full year of boundary stretching and luminous creativity, the Heath Clay Studio produced a collection of one-of-a-kind table lamps as beautiful as they light they produce. 

Design Series 3: Throwing Light was on view November 6, 2015 – January 3, 2016 in the Boiler Room.

See gallery here.

Design Series 2: Between Form & Function

In its second year, Design Series took on something familiar — the Heath multi-stem vase — and explored the concept to new shapes and sizes, featuring a deep exploration into green glazes. The result? Over 120 one-of-a-kind vases that run the gamut from traditional to a little less expected, but each one still distinctly Heath. 

Design Series 2: Between Form & Function was on view December 4, 2014 — January 2015 at Heath SF.

See gallery here.

Design Series 1: Between Hand & Machine

Where it all began. In 2013, we revealed the fruits of our first year of exploration from Tung and the Heath Clay Studio: candleholders. From the myriad prototypes (and 100 prototype sketches), we eventually selected one design to implement into our standard production — the Heath Ceramics candleholder. From there, we later designed the wooden candleholder tray and Modern Hurricanes

Design Series 1: Between Hand & Machine was on view November 1—15, 2013, at Heath SF. 

See gallery here.


Tung Chiang, a gifted designer and ceramist, is the director of the Heath Clay Studio in San Francisco. With a career that spans graphic design and advertising in Hong Kong, studying furniture design at Art Center in Pasadena, and industrial design in San Francisco, Tung’s career has been an evolution from 2D to 3D, toward a fusion of thinking, designing and making.

All along, he nurtured his long-standing interest in ceramics and built his skills as a potter, throwing pots late into the night whenever he could. Tung's work for Heath and on his own is immensely popular, and has found a place in the hearts and collections of discerning ceramics fans.

Tung works with our design and manufacturing teams on shapes, glazes, and processes, mentors the design team, and works on collaborations with artists near and far. In addition, he continues his own explorations, creating work that’s displayed and sold at Heath’s San Francisco showroom and the Boiler Room SF.

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