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Get 20% off Coupe plates through Monday, using code 'WellPlated' at checkout. Take me there! This month's events across our showrooms:See you soon!



Get 20% off Coupe plates through Monday, using code 'WellPlated' at checkout. Take me there! This month's events across our showrooms:See you soon!
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Want Tile Now?

We have three ways to jumpstart your Heath Tile project—quickly:
1. Ready-to-Ship     2. Overstock     3. Mixed Tile Boxes
Of course, we also offer hundreds of made-to-order tile options.

Already know what you want? Start your order now.

1. Ready-to-Ship Tile


Ready-to-ship tile is exactly that: tile that is in stock and ready to ship or be picked up at our Tile Factory on 18th Street in San Francisco. This product is a great choice if you need tile for your project sooner than our Made to Order lead times allow. It also comes at a much more attractive price of $28/sq.ft. It is offered exclusively in 2x6 size from our Classic Field collection in a selection of limited glazes ranging from matte to glossy and neutral to poppy. Great for residential and commercial installations - from kitchens and baths to mudrooms and pools.

Ready to shop? Explore Ready-to-Ship.

For more information, or to place an order, submit a Tile Inquiry.

  • The same first quality Heath Tile as our Made-to-Order Tile.

  • Priced well at $28/sq.ft.

  • Mix and match by 8 sq.ft. box, whole boxes only.

  • Ships via freight within 72 hours of order placement. Also available via will call at our SF tile factory or by Bay Area courier.

  • Trim is not included as part of Ready-to-Ship. If your project requires trim, we encourage you to place a Made-to-Order tile purchase with a Tile Specialist.

  • No holds, returns or exchanges. Sold first come first served. Availability is subject to inventory. A quote does not guarantee product availability.

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View Ready-to-Ship Inventory

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Submit a Tile Inquiry

2. Overstock Tile Shed


It started out as a garage where Edith Heath would park her Cadillac. Today it's our Overstock Tile Shed! We are excited to welcome customers to visit the expanded shed (think of it as the back patio to that original garage), which offers about 3,000 boxes of tile. Each box averages 6.5 sq.ft., meaning there is around 19,500 sq.ft. of tile to look through. The shed offers 2nd quality and occasionally 1st quality tile, which are often best suited for smaller projects such as kitchen backsplashes and bathroom feature walls (24-40 sq.ft.). Blending glazes and sizes can result in beautiful larger installations (50-75+ sq.ft.). If you have a tile project in mind, come take a look at what the shed has to offer!

  • Pricing for 2nd quality starts at $14/sq.ft., 1st quality starts at $22/sq.ft.

  • Tile is sold by the box, with sq.ft contained marked on each.

  • Our Overstock Tile shed is located at Heath Sausalito, as an in-person experience only (this tile is not packed to ship, and must be chosen and picked up at Heath Sausalito).

  • Tiles move quickly. Inventory changes daily (No Holds unfortunately).

  • Expect more extreme glaze color, tone, and size variation than with our Made-to-Order tile. Excellent installations can (and do) come from such variation.

  • Take measurements of your space before you visit. This way you can act quickly when you find what you love.

  • We recommend purchasing at least 20% overage to ensure you can complete your project.

  • Coordinated trims are hard to find in Overstock and are not available to order separately. If your project requires trim, we encourage you to work with a Heath Tile Specialist to place an order through our Made-to-Order tile program.

  • Final sale. No warranty.

Heath’s Overstock Tile shed is open Monday–Sunday from 10am–4pm. Check our Sausalito page for schedule updates.

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3. $5 Mixed Tile Boxes


Mixed Tile Boxes are one way we ensure our overruns and not-perfect tile is cleverly reused. You will find 2nd and 3rd quality tile (normally destined for aggregate for road beds), to mix and match for your projects. Boxes are separated loosely by color families—in various shapes, sizes, and quantities. The outside of the boxes are stamped with the color family and what's inside is a surprise. Some great projects have been realized using our Mixed Tile boxes - for inspiration, click on the Creative Reuse story below!

  • Mixed Tile Boxes are available at our Sausalito and Los Angeles Showrooms. Your selection must be chosen and picked up in person and we are unable to ship this product. Mixed Tile Boxes are limited to stock on hand!

  • There's no peeking or opening boxes on site. You get what you get. It's so exciting!

  • Each box holds between 4 and 8 sq.ft. of tile.

  • We are unable to offer any type of Design Services for Mixed Tile projects.

  • Great for school and non-profit art projects, creative installations, and anyone with an open mind.

  • All sales final. No Warranty.