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The Heath Clay Studio

Where the future comes to life

The Heath Clay Studio is a place of experimentation, exploration, and inspiration. It’s where our new designs – taking inspiration from our legacy – come to life. It’s where we evolve our shapes, glazes, design and making processes. It’s where we play, learn, and share.

Tung Chiang

Tung is the Heath Clay Studio Director in San Francisco. With a career that spans graphic design and advertising in Hong Kong, studying furniture design at Art Center in Pasadena, and industrial design in San Francisco, Tung’s career has been an evolution from 2D to 3D, toward a fusion of thinking, designing and making. All along, he nurtured his long-standing interest in ceramics and built his skills as a potter, throwing pots late into the night whenever he could.

Tung works with our design and manufacturing teams on shapes, glazes, and processes, mentors the design team, and works on collaborations with artists near and far. In addition, he continues his own explorations, creating work that’s displayed and sold at Heath’s San Francisco showroom and the Boiler Room SF. Follow Tung on Artsy

The Studio

Join Tung in the Studio and you’ll find him surrounded by the inspirations, tools and outputs of his explorations. In the Studio, there’s no barrier between inspiration, thinking, designing and making: it’s a seamless process, where each practice informs the other almost imperceptibly. It’s the essence of what we do here at Heath and its what makes the Studio such an exciting place to be.

The Shows

The studio’s work, in part, involves showcasing both the product and process together. Bringing people into the design exploration and making process is an important part of what we do here at Heath and the annual studio shows — called the Design Series — are a great opportunity to bring the broader Heath community into the process. 

Design Series 1: Between Hand and Machine explored the design and creation of candleholders. Design Series 2: Between Form and Function reconsidered the multi-stem vase through shapes both familiar and new, and featured a deep exploration of green glazes. In Design Series 3: Throwing Light, we created one-of-a-kind table lamps as beautiful as the light they provide.  

Boiler Room: Selected Works

On view now

Boiler Room: Selected Works

On view now

Boiler Room: Selected Works presents an eclectic group of artists working in the intersection of art, craft, and design. Featuring pieces by Brendan Monroe, Butch Anthony, Rinne Allen, Stan Bitters, and Tung Chiang, the show brings together some of our favorite artists and collaborators from the Boiler Room. Large-scale, abstract sculptures by Stan sit alongside one-of-a-kind lamps by Tung and Brendan’s ceramic sculptures. Admire Stan’s remarkable ceramic murals side by side with hypnotic paintings by Brendan, Butch’s genre-bending collages, and Rinne Allen’s lyrical photography.

Discover something wonderful in the Boiler Room at Heath SF and take it home.

Heath San Francisco Boiler Room
2900 18th Street, CA 94110
415 361 5552 x50

Boiler Room: Selected Works

Summer Seasonal Collection

April 1, 2016 – October 1, 2016

Summer Seasonal Collection

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