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In California since 1948: designing, making, and selling goods of timeless design and uncompromising integrity—made thoughtfully, honestly, and with pride—to be enjoyed with similar intention.

Robin Petravic & Catherine Bailey, 2003 – Present
Edith & Brian Heath, 1948 – 2003
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Honoring the Past, Making for the Future

What began as a small-scale pottery in 1948, with Edith & Brian Heath, has evolved into a pure and simple way of life and business, that shares one creative heart, and many forms of expression. Heath is an American maker of goods for your home — led by husband and wife, Robin & Cathy — who are shaping the relationship we have to the things we own, and the way we come to own them.

A Visible Touch
of the Hand

Transparent and honest, with nothing to hide, and everything to celebrate — we make products, in our community. In a human-scale factory, blending hand and machine. Human-scale means we’re grounded and relatable, neither too big nor too small. It means we celebrate process, material, and the people and places behind the products we make. This reminds us that we’re human. And maintaining humanity means a great deal to us.

Making & Gathering
Good Design

Does it make you happy? Is it made well? Will it be part of your life for years to come? A resounding yes to all sheds light on the true value of our products. No matter their material or maker, all give the distinct message that we are rooted in designing and making, quality craftsmanship. timelessness, and purely good design.

then. now. always.

Vision & Values

Design and make. Show and tell. Be resourceful. Honest. Responsible. Go direct. Use your hands. Mix old and new. Start small. Be human. Grow slowly. Provide jobs. Feed the environment. The community. Preserve craft. Honor the hand. Celebrate process and materials. Allow them to drive the making of simple, beautiful objects.

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Edith & Brian Heath start Heath Ceramics


Coupe Collection created


The original Heath Sausalito factory is built


Heath begins making tile


Robin and Cathy re-launch Heath Ceramics


Chez Panisse Collection created


Heath Los Angeles Studio and Store opens


Heath SF urban manufacturing facility opens

Employee Owned

We're an ethnically-diverse, highly skilled workforce, with people from all parts of the world among us. Be it designer, maker, shopkeeper, or the administrative glue that binds us, collective pride around meaningful work is evident. Smart, curious, and multi-generational, to boot, all of us work hard and get our hands dirty — it's just part of the job.

Meet Our Team

Heath Journal


Heath Registry