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Our website remains open and we appreciate your business. Expect shipping delays of 1+ weeks due to the Bay Area’s ‘Shelter in Place’ order.



Our website remains open and we appreciate your business. Expect shipping delays of 1+ weeks due to the Bay Area’s ‘Shelter in Place’ order.
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Sausalito, CA

The original, since 1959: Where it all began. Each and every piece of our dinnerware — start-to-finish — is made here by a team of 40 craftspeople, almost exactly as it has been since the beginning. Designed in 1959 by Marquis & Stoller in collaboration with Edith & Brian Heath, the building's light-filled courtyard, Showroom, and sweeping semi-circle factory, emanate our values: timeless, resourceful, human-scale, and a marriage of craft and design.

Showroom Hours

All 4 Heath showrooms and the Heath Newsstand are closed until April 7th or further notice. Our website is open and we will begin processing and shipping orders once the 'Shelter in Place' is lifted and it is safe to return to work.

Showroom Address

400 Gate Five Road
Sausalito, CA 94965
P: 415 332 3732 x13
F: 415 332 3204

The Original, Since 1959


Wait a Second... Overstock?

It’s a fact of factories: they develop overage. And our Sausalito factory is no exception. We’ve got discounted dinnerware that didn’t meet our first quality standards, discontinued items, samples, and one-of-a-kind prototypes — many in near perfect condition.

And of course, there’s our highly coveted overstock tile, which is only available in Sausalito and which must be purchased in-person (second quality and overstock tile can't be shipped or purchased sight unseen). Our inventory changes daily, so we invite you to stop by as often as you'd like, or, save yourself a trip and look at the overstock list (updated twice a month).


Factory Tours

Come inside. See what we're made of. Among the houseboats and artist studios is the original 1959 factory, where our clay is made, and our dinnerware shapes are formed, glazed, trimmed, and fired. Tour sizes are limited to 15 for weekend tours and 12 for the working tour, so advance RSVP is needed by selecting a day and time below. Walk-ins are welcome if there is room.

Working Tour: Friday at 11:15 AM

Weekend Tours: Saturday & Sunday at 11:45 AM
Weekend Tours: Saturday & Sunday at 2:30 PM

Please note: When visiting our factories, you'll need to wear closed toe shoes and provided safety glasses. Our general factory tours are appropriate for children 5 years and older with adult supervision. The tours are not suitable for smaller children held by an adult, as this is a working factory environment.