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Made by people for people — to use, wear, and share. These are a few of our favorite things that we’ve celebrated over the past year. With joy and intention, well-designed, well-made, welcomed gifts, from us to you. Happiest of holidays!

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Bud Vase Set

Accessories Line | Heath Classic Red


Linen Handpainted Wide Lines Placemat in Teal

Cathy Callahan | Winter Seasonal


Muir Flatware in Amber (5 Piece Setting)

Heath Flatware | Heath Classic Red


Tall Vase in Midnight and Opaque White

Heath Clay Studio


Bud Vase Set

Winter Seasonal


Toskaft Throw in Grey Turquoise

Røros Tweed | Winter Seasonal


Deer Pyramid

Dregeno | Heath Classic Red


Diamond Bed Tray in Royal Blue

Kaymet | Winter Seasonal


My Mexico City Kitchen

Books | Winter Seasonal


Stencil Clock in Stillwater

Heath + House Industries | Winter Seasonal


Diamond Bed Tray in Burgundy with Gold Surrounds

Kaymet | Heath Classic Red


Classic Red Tile Coasters

Heath Sews Studio | Heath Classic Red

2 Colors / $14.00

Kypert Napkins (Set of 2)

Växbo Lin | Winter Seasonal

4 Colors / $44.00

Bud Vase in Stillwater

Winter Seasonal


Organic Cotton Apron in Sage

Native Organic


Ice Cream Set

Heath Classic Red


Leather Tote in Midnight

Heath Sews Studio | Winter Seasonal


Matchstick Holder in Fog and Shell

Heath Clay Studio


Shallow Salad Bowl in Sea and Sand

Accessories Line | Winter Seasonal


Valter with Grey Hair and Red Cap

Åsas Tomtebod | Heath Classic Red


Chalk Napkins with Purl Stitch (Set of 2)

Adelene Simple Cloth | Winter Seasonal

4 Colors / $60.00

Sune with Grey Hair and Grey Cap

Åsas Tomtebod | Heath Classic Red


Bowl and Lid Set

Winter Seasonal


Counter Set

Winter Seasonal


Vegetable Bowl in Ruby Red/Suede Red

Accessories Line | Heath Classic Red


Winter Seasonal Tile Coasters

Winter Seasonal

4 Colors / $14.00

Neck Vase

Heath Clay Studio

2 Colors / $187.00

Dessert bowl in Zinc/Penny Green

Plaza Line | Winter Seasonal


Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

Books | Heath Classic Red


Large Bar Necklace in Stillwater

Heath Jewelry | Winter Seasonal


Box and Stopper Vase

Heath Clay Studio | Limited Edition


Linen Handpainted Thin Lines Placemat in Sage

Cathy Callahan | Winter Seasonal


Candleholder Tray Set

Winter Seasonal


Lapis Earrings with Yellow Bronze Sweet Pittosporum Beads

Kirsten Muenster | Winter Seasonal


Little Merchants Pyramid

Dregeno | Heath Classic Red


Virtual Gift Card

Gift Card

11 Colors / $25.00