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Made by people for people — to use, wear, and share. These are a few of our favorite things that we’ve celebrated over the past year. With joy and intention, well-designed, well-made, welcomed gifts, from us to you. Happiest of holidays!

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Neck Vase in Ruby Red Layered Glaze

Heath Clay Studio | Heath Classic Red


Camellia Etched Serving Platter in Opaque White

Alabama Chanin Collection


Sot Pitcher with Cup

Esque Studio / Winter Seasonal

3 Colors / $290.00

Bronze Espresso Cup and Saucer

Nancy Pearce


Asmund Gradient Throw in Violet Yellow

Røros Tweed | Winter Seasonal


Birds Runner in Black Plum

Galbraith & Paul | Summer Seasonal

$216.00 (was $270.00)

Amanda Earrings in Walnut

Julia Turner | Winter Seasonal


Bud Vase

Accessories Line

6 Colors / $26.00

Studio Mug

Coupe Line

17 Colors / $31.00

Brass Ladle



Stencil Clock in Campari Red

Heath + House Industries


Ornament Tea Towels (Set of 3)

Heath + House Industries | Summer Seasonal

$27.00 (was $34.00)

Patchouli and Rose Candle in Black Plum Cup

Accessories Line | Winter Seasonal


Medium Cabernet Wine Glass



Sweep Necklace in Poppy

Julia Turner | Heath Classic Red


My Aromatic Kitchen

Books | Summer Seasonal


Linen Large Reversible Tote in Pluot

Heath Sews Studio | Winter Seasonal


Container in Black Plum

Accessories Line | Summer Seasonal


Brushed Brass Bloom Neck Cuff

Kirsten Muenster


Multi-Stem Vase

Accessories Line

6 Colors / $102.00

Flowerfields Pillow in Rosy

Skinny laMinx | Summer Seasonal

$49.00 (was $62.00)

Large Reversible Tote in Slate

Heath Sews Studio


Camellia Etched Deep Serving Bowl in Opaque White

Alabama Chanin Collection


Culinary Tote in Natural Red

Àplat | Heath Classic Red


9x14 Tray in Black Plum

Plaza Line


Virtual Gift Card

Gift Card

11 Colors / $25.00

Tea Set

Summer Seasonal


Cup and Coaster Set

Summer Seasonal


Cocktail Set

Summer Seasonal


Cooking Set

Summer Seasonal


Counter Set

Summer Seasonal


Bowl and Lid Set

Summer Seasonal


Snack Set

Summer Seasonal


Ice Cream Set

Summer Seasonal


Emerald Set

Summer Seasonal


Baking Set

Summer Seasonal