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Overstock Tile

We have dedicated a portion of our Sausalito factory showroom to seconds and overstock tile. Our tile is Made-To-Order, so we often end up with overage and pieces that do not live up to our first-quality standards, offered at up to 75% off retail. It's a true find — from square footage for homeowners to loose tile for mosaic work.

Boxes & Boxes of Mixed Heath Tile

As part of Heath's CRT (Creative Reuse Tile) program, each $5 box is full of perfectly imperfect Heath tile of varying shapes and sizes that come from cut-offs and production overruns. We feel they deserve one last shot at the artful life they were intended for. So, here they are, ready for a project as unique as themselves. Each box contains roughly four to eight square feet. A few boxes could get you a new backsplash, some tiled planters, a whole lot of trivets, or a mini mosaic masterpiece. The best part: by rescuing these little guys, you’re helping us reach our zero-waste goal, saving these pieces from a lengthy, costly process of becoming construction aggregate or landfill.

Each box is full of 1st or 2nd quality tiles of any shape and sorted by color family – Cool Glazes – blues, greens; Warm Glazes – reds, oranges, yellows; Dark Neutrals – browns, blacks, greys; Light Neutrals – beiges, greys; White Glazes.

Boxes cannot be opened prior to purchase and all sales are final. Purchase and pick-up in-person only and during store hours at Heath Sausalito. Additionally, tile may be donated to interested parties through the CRT program and Heath Gives. Donation inquiries:

Overstock Inventory Last Updated On Thursday September 20th, 2018

We have dedicated a portion of our Sausalito factory showroom to seconds and overstock tile. We invite you to stop by as often as you would like, as our inventory changes daily. Or, save yourself a trip and look at this overstock list for a nearly complete list of current inventory (updated every Thursday evening or Friday morning).

Purchases must be made in person at our Sausalito location because our seconds and overstock tile cannot be shipped.

Terms of Sale

All sales of overstock are by the complete box (typically 8–12sf). Sales are final, no holds, no returns and in person purchase ONLY. Limited to stock on hand.


Overstock can be perfect first quality overage from production runs, or second quality with some blemishes or warpage.


Overstock tile is typically discounted 50% or more from the regular retail price.