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Goods from some of Kyoto's celebrated makers in San Francisco! Shop until June 27 Bluejay, meet the Plaza Line. Shop the Collection



Goods from some of Kyoto's celebrated makers in San Francisco! Shop until June 27 Bluejay, meet the Plaza Line. Shop the Collection
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Sausalito, CA

The original, since 1959: Where it all began. Each and every piece of our dinnerware — start-to-finish — is made here by a team of 40 craftspeople, almost exactly as it has been since the beginning. Designed in 1959 by Marquis & Stoller in collaboration with Edith & Brian Heath, the building's light-filled courtyard, Showroom, and sweeping semi-circle factory, emanate our values: timeless, resourceful, human-scale, and a marriage of craft and design.

Showroom & In-Store Pickup Hours

Monday–Sunday 10am–5pm

Overstock Tile Shed Hours

Monday–Sunday 10am–4pm

Showroom Address

400 Gate Five Road
Sausalito, CA 94965
P: 415 332 3732 x1
F: 415 332 3204

Due to the condition of Gate 5 Road, we recommend approaching the showroom from Harbor Drive.

The Original, Since 1959


Wait a Second... Seconds?

It’s a fact of factories: they develop overage. And our Sausalito factory is no exception. We’ve got discounted dinnerware that didn’t meet our first quality standards, discontinued items, samples, and one-of-a-kind prototypes — many in near perfect condition.


Overstock Tile Shed

Our second quality and overstock tile, made in our San Francisco factory, find their way to our Overstock Tile Shed, ready for you to take home. Hundreds of glazes, dozens of shapes and sizes, in varying quantities. The selection changes daily, and the thrill of the hunt always makes a visit to the Shed worthwhile.

Overstock Tile must be purchased in-person (second quality and overstock tile can't be shipped or purchased sight unseen).


Inside Heath's Original Factory

At Heath, we have always integrated design and manufacturing under one roof, because we believe the best quality products are created when that connection is kept close. When designers are near the making process, and production teams interact with designers, we cultivate the opportunity to make new discoveries, even as we practice an ancient craft. In this factory, all together, we are continuously experimenting, learning, and developing our ideas. It’s not easy to capture all of this in two minutes, but our new short film about Sausalito aims to do just that.


Factory Tours

Come inside. See what we're made of. Among the houseboats and artist studios is the original 1959 factory, where our clay is made, and our dinnerware shapes are formed, glazed, trimmed, and fired. Tour sizes are limited, so advance RSVP is required. Check out our Factory Tours page for more details.