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#22 Medium Torso Vessel Indigo

10.2" H, 7.1" dia.

Akio Nukaga’s work explores the possibilities of how he leaves a trace of himself in clay. This piece features his signature “Pleated Work” technique of carving grooves into the wet clay after it is thrown on the wheel. The form—inspired by ancient earthenware—is accentuated by these grooves curving down the profile of the vessel creating movement and rhythm. After the first firing and before the second, he finishes the vessel by applying indigo colored slip (liquid clay). The cobalt tinged material has fascinated him since he started working with it 6 years ago and continues to pique his imagination with its endless complexity. This piece will go on sale as part of Group 1 on Tuesday July 26, 2022, at 9am PDT.

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