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Design Series Nine: Forms of Care

Form 49

6.25” H, 5.9” dia.

This design celebrates plants without a flowering element, by taking the form of a blossom itself. The two nesting vessels look, in profile, like a trumpet flower, with the inner stamen emerging beyond the edge of the outer petals. The glaze is very rich and textured from the outside, with a plain one on the inside. The plant rests on the simpler portion, while the texture of the outside becomes complementary to the texture of the plant. — Tung Chiang

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This piece was photographed with a Crested Marginatocereus plant. If you select Curbside Pickup during checkout, your piece will be presented to you with a plant inside of it—either the one photographed or something similar. Curbside Pickup is available at our San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sausalito locations. Orders marked to ship will not include a plant.