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John's Bowl in Sunflower Gloss and Opaque White

7.25" H, 11" dia.

Clay Studio Director Tung Chiang's husband—John—is also a talented potter. Tung and John used to throw pots together in their home studio. This large serving bowl is inspired by a piece John threw for Tung. The Clay Studio team has reinterpreted the original and they are excited to welcome it into the collection. The glaze is a special combination of Sunflower Gloss and Opaque White, which results is a bright and sunny yellow with a highly textured surface. Each pot is thrown by hand by the Heath Clay Studio team in San Francisco, CA. Expect minor variations in size and shape from piece to piece.

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SKU: HCS-JB-0655

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Part pottery studio and part design lab, the Heath Clay Studio is where a small team of potters and glazers develop one-of-a-kind pieces and objects.