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Ovid Ring in Bronze

The feel of the curved metal with the open top is somehow both hug-like and spacious, and their presence is quiet but powerful. The Bronze is a gorgeous pale golden color that converses well with 14k and 18k gold, silver, and oxidized metal. It's a bold addition to any wardrobe. Artist and jeweler Julia Turner makes graphic and sculptural pieces that are exquisitely crafted and a true joy to wear.

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The rings are single-size, and without intervention they are about a size 7 to 7.5. Because of their open shape, they can be very gently squeezed closed or pulled open to best fit your finger. Take care not to use too much force or it will damage the ring. A note about wearing Bronze: every person has a slightly different skin chemistry, and bronze is more reactive than silver or gold. You may find that the bronze causes a slight discoloration of your skin on the inside of your hand when you first start wearing the ring. This will lessen with time.