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SOLD: Pair of Sounds 09

The contrast of sturdy dome over a narrow foot, give this pair an elegant tension. Inside each sculpture is a small ceramic bead. Pick up the piece, gently shake, and allow the twinkling sound to remind you of something you don’t want to forget. The surfaces are glazed in opposing matte shades dark and light with mottled textures reminiscent of organic objects. A beauty resulting from years of glaze research from Design Series' past. (The beads in this pair may periodically become lodged in the narrow foot. While holding the piece firmly shake vigorously to dislodge. You may also insert a needle or thin rod into the opening to free the bead.)

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SKU: DS8-09
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These limited edition one-of-a-kind objects are part of Design Series Eight: Listen. Sold exclusively as a pair. View the entire collection.