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When I was Last Home 04

24.5" H x 19.5" W

"My work often centers mundane moments of life, bringing together the people and places that give shape and meaning to my life. For these pieces, I was thinking of the Southern California landscape that has embedded itself into me over the course of my early life. Despite moving to New York, the cliffs, oceans, dunes and sky of California remain the backdrop to countless memories of family. On my last trip home, I looked anew on a landscape that I took for granted throughout my childhood. When I was last home I saw a sunset that reminded me of countless evenings driving across the San Diego river where it emptied out into the Pacific. The air was cool, the sun dipped and sprayed the clouds with a salmon glow. When I was last home, my sister and I drove in a winter sun shower. Arcoiris, rainbow, in the sky. When I was last home, I stepped barefoot into the sand, dry and cool under the sun-warmer layer. Through the dunes, ice plants grew thick green and gold. When I was last home, I ran under into the canyon after a rain. Shoes sliding in the dark, damp earth. When I was last home, we walked towards a secluded waterfall. The rocks rose up against the sky. The gurgling stream foamed grey against the terracotta earth." —Carolina Jimenez writing about this collection of pieces for the Summer Seasonal collection.

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