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A Cabin by Heath

See a curated selection of goods that outfit Cathy and Robin’s personal Tahoe retreat, where their unique design perspective prioritizes simple, beautiful, living. Shop an assortment of textiles, ceramics, and interior furnishings—everything you need and nothing you don't—inspired by color, California craft, and the cabin itself.

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Dinner Plate

Rim Line

4 Colors / $41.00

Printed Napkins

Block Shop Textiles

3 Colors / $14.00

Cereal Bowl

Rim Line

4 Colors / $33.00

Bread Basket in Driftwood Grey

Peterboro Basket Company


Nomad Dining Table

Jacob May Design

24 Colors / $3,650.00

Large Serving Bowl

Accessories Line

13 Colors / $125.00

Large Mug

All Lines

19 Colors / $37.00

DG3 Paprika Blend

Dual Glaze Rectangles | Tile Samples


Walnut Butcher Blocks

Jacob May Design

2 Sizes / $300.00

Vegetable Bowl

Accessories Line

13 Colors / $85.00

Pressed Tray in Black



Cast Iron Frying Pan

Crane Cookware


Cast Iron Saute Pan

Crane Cookware


Baking at Republique

Books | Heath Classic Red


Provencal Cheese Knife

David Mellor


Provencal Chopping Knife

David Mellor


Provencal Cook's Knife

David Mellor


Leather Oval Chair

Garza Marfa

3 Colors / $1,600.00

Agra Knot Rug in Pearl

Armadillo & Co

3 Sizes / $4,000.00

Blanket in Neutral

Garza Marfa


Una Pillow in Ochre

Røros Tweed | Summer Seasonal

$128.00 (was $160.00)

Pie Basket in Driftwood Grey

Peterboro Basket Company


Heath Candle

Accessories Line


Plush Crush Pillow in Bleached Oak

Adelene Simple Cloth | Winter Seasonal


Organic Cotton Jaspe Sheet Set in Indigo

Native Organic

2 Sizes / $176.00

Isbjorn Throw in Grey Natural

Roros Tweed | Heath Classic Red


Bud Vase in Stillwater

Winter Seasonal


Bud Vase in Zinc

Winter Seasonal


Stencil Clock in Campari Red

Heath + House Industries


Organic Cotton Jaspe Sheet Set in Sage

Native Organic

2 Sizes / $176.00

Stencil Clock in Canary

Heath + House Industries | Summer Seasonal


Multi-Stem Vase

Accessories Line

6 Colors / $102.00

Double Wide Pillow in Citron

Adelene Simple Cloth | Summer Seasonal

$182.00 (was $228.00)

Handpainted Pillow in Citrus

Cathy Callahan | Summer Seasonal

$120.00 (was $150.00)

Bud Vase in Suede Red

Accessories Line | Heath Classic Red


Patchwork Pillow in Celadon

Cathy Callahan | Summer Seasonal


Neck Vase

Heath Clay Studio

2 Colors / $187.00