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On The Cafe Ohlone Table

On the south side of the UC Berkeley campus, on the ancestral homeland of the Chochenyo speaking Ohlone people, you’ll find the only restaurant in the world dedicated to the Indigenous cuisine, language, and culture of this region of California—which has been home to the Ohlone people for thousands of years, and still is today.

We’re honored to play a small part in the beauty that Cafe Ohlone creates at each meal, and it’s fitting that California clay is the material that connects us.

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Salad Plate

Coupe Line

10 Colors / $36.00

Dinner Plate

Coupe Line

10 Colors / $44.00

Dessert Bowl

Coupe Line

15 Colors / $32.00

Small Ramekin


3 Colors / $15.00

Large Ramekin


3 Colors / $20.00